What exactly is colonic hydrotherapy? Is it a large-scale enema performed in a sophisticated manner, or is there something deeper to it? In reality it is much more complex.

A colonic hydrotherapy session consists of the gentle introduction of previously filtered and purified water into the colon via the rectum in a safe and systematic way. Depending on therapeutic requirements, the colon may be irrigated with water enriched with ozone, individualized preparations of medicinal plants, or cocktails of prebiotics. All this helps the treatment and localized healing of the mucosa. During the session, it is beneficial to carry out multiple fillings and emptyings, to practice breathing techniques, and to apply gentle abdominal massage.

Modern colonic hydrotherapy equipment enables a precise control and adjustment of the different elements used in treatment. It produces a complete and effective cleaning of the large intestine with a high level of safety.

The automatic, instantaneous system of filling and emptying helps to dissolve all the deposits stuck firmly in the colon. During a colonic hydrotherapy treatment, the discharge of fecal residue passes through a transparent, illuminated tube that allows the specialist operative to make observations and receive information useful for diagnosis. During the procedure, a cannula (a tube like a catheter) is used. This is connected to two circuits of tubes, permitting the entry of pure water and the independent exit of water loaded with residues. The treatment is completely closed to external contamination because of the use of disposable materials. After every session, the equipment is automatically disinfected. A colonic hydrotherapy treatment takes 35−45 minutes and uses 20−30 liters (35–50 pints) of cleansing water in total.

In order to achieve a complete and effective deep therapeutic cleaning, three treatments are recommended, at intervals determined by the doctor reviewing the initial state of the digestive system. The first session will clean out residual material that has been impacted for a long time, relieve flatulence, and sometimes take away several kilos of weight; the second and third sessions are the ones where a deep and complete cleansing of the colon is achieved, effective over the long term.

Colonic hydrotherapy is completely hygienic, painless, without odor, and is not in any way disagreeable. You may, however, experience some discomfort as a result of constipation, spasticity of the colon, excessive flatulence, and the sensation of soft pressure when the water fills the colon—along with a great sense of relief with each discharge. During the session, the patient can communicate with the practitioner carrying out the treatment in any moment, and he or she can comment on the sensations felt. After the session, the patient receives dietary advice and suggestions for natural substances to take, such as probiotics, then goes back to normal life.

When you undergo a session of colonic hydrotherapy you are dressed in a gown or apron and lie on a bed covered with a sheet. When the rectal examination is carried out and the cannula is introduced, you will be asked to lie in the fetal position. When preparing you for treatment, the nurse-hydrotherapist will cover your private parts, and these will not be visible or exposed to external contact.

The majority of people accept the procedure once they are connected to the machine, and they quickly get comfortable (because the staff usually treat them so well). They want to know everything that is happening and to know about everything that comes out of them, behaving like fascinated children when they discover its contents and abundance. In general, everyone has a good experience. It is a challenge and also a way of learning about yourself. To have a session of colonic hydrotherapy guarantees you a benefit. Whether you suffer or enjoy the process, you will lose a few kilos of residues and toxins from your body.