What we do

• Identify the root of your problem and treat it with precision.
• Conduct an in-depth study of the current state of your health.
• Create a personalised plan for how to develop your wellbeing.
• Focus on preventing risks to stop development of conditions.
• We believe that it is never too late to focus on physical and mental wellbeing.
• We carefully adjust to and for your diet and you lifestyle.
• Slow down ageing process.


• Face-to-face medical consultation with Dr. Matveikova and her team
• Consultation by video conference
• Nutrition consultation
• Online written consultation through our website


We teach you how to take control over your own health and wellbeing and design a personalised schedule of check ups and pertinent medical studies. We also set parameters for diets, focusing on what and how is best for each individual, making sure that they eat healthily and digest correctly.

• Reach and maintain the right bodyweight to be in best shape
• Build up a defence system to optimise your energy levels
• Personalised and supervised exercise strategies
• Focusing on improving mental health
• Personalised supplement plan to make up for any deficiencies
• Stress Management Program
• How to combat fatigue
• Having a close relationship with your medical advisor

New Project

Fert-Up is a multidisciplinary team united in our compromise of fusing our knowledge and methods to create a unique programme to optimise hormonal wellbeing.

Our experience, both national and international, in medical treatment, research & investigation as well as teaching has led us to realise that was no program concentrating on health optimisation prior to conception.

This is precisely the cause unifying our multidisciplinary approach. Optimising our body’s wellbeing will increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy and offspring.


We are on

Pablo Aranda, 7 3º Planta
28006 Madrid


Anselm Turmeda 12
07010 Palma de Mallorca


Books written by Irina Matveikova