“To write DIGESTIVE INTELLIGENCE FOR KIDS it was a natural progression to move on from the success of “Digestive Intelligence” (which was aimed at adult problems) and adapt it to the needs of young children.

We are what we eat – even the little ones – and, for that reason, as parents we need to educate our children in everything to do with correct eating habits. We should treat it as our responsibility; one that we can’t afford to avoid, if we want our kids to grow up healthy. So my objective in writing this new book was to place a comprehensive and useful guide in the hands of parents; one that describes the most common symptoms that children suffer from, to help and inform those looking for educated answers to questions about childhood obesity, allergies, the auto-immune system, causes of constipation, the relationship between diarrhoea and childhood emotions and the best way to develop the immune system to its fullest peak.”

“If parents want to prevent, rather than leave symptoms until they need to be cured, then in the pages of my book they will discover the clear way towards achieving this through holistic means, while not forgetting the traditional medical perspective. In teaching children to eat well from infancy, we are giving them the gift of a happier, fuller and more fruitful adult life.”

Irina Matveikova MD