“… there is constant communication between the two brains: the one inside our skull and its brother down there in our gut. I can assure you that the relationship between the two brains, which involves hormonal, metabolic, and emotional levels, is very complex – we could even call it “intellectual”; it is also normally quite democratic and mutually respectful.” Digestive Intelligence

Resolve all your digestive problems from irritable bowel syndrome to constipation

  • According to Ohio State University about 90 million Americans are diagnosed with digestive disorders each year.
  • 15% of the adults in the western world suffer constipation and have high risk of colon cancer.
  • More than 300 million cases of depression worldwide are linked to problems with the ‘second brain’.

With over 90 million Americans suffering from one kind of digestive disorder or another, including IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) heartburn, acid reflux, chronic constipation and peptic ulcers, etc.  A new area of medical study Neurogastroenterology, which looks at our second brain’s attitude, is beginning to flourish.

In her book, Digestive Intelligence: A Holistic Vision of Your Second Brain (Findhorn Press, June 2014) Dr Irina Matveikova explores the link between “the brain in our skull and its brother down there in our gut”, the connection between emotions and digestions and how our digestive system can play an important role and influence our mood and character.

Dr. Matveikova writes as a traditionally trained medical doctor who also embraces much of the wisdom to be found in ‘complimentary’ forms of medicine; the result is a combination of medical science, psychology and natural health.

Digestive Intelligence takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the digestive system explaining how it operates as a second brain and how we think and live our emotions via our stomachs. Approximately one hundred million neurons are found in our digestive track producing serotonin, known as the ‘happy’ hormone, it makes sense that when our ‘digestive system’ is “out of sorts” we too feel irritable, lacking in energy and in a bad mood and vice versa.

Dr. Matveikova makes the connection and gives practical advice to assist readers in gaining a better sense of and understanding of the ‘intelligence’ of the gut. The goal is to help readers identify digestive problems and resolve them.

About the Book:
Digestive Intelligence: A Holistic View of Your Second Brain
Irina Matveikova. M.D.

Findhorn Press $16.99
978-1-84409-643-5    June 2014.
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