“Our happiness, to a major extent, depends upon our Digestive System”

This is one of the conclusions you will hear when attending a conference by Dr Irina Matveikova, a Family Medical Doctor specialized in Endocrinology & Clinical Nutrition and Integrated Holistic Medicine, who is also an expert in Eating Disorders and Digestive Health.

“We have two brains: one in our head and one in our belly, inside our digestive  tract but the second one is frequently not well taken care of, or respected…” 

says Dr Matveikova, the author of “Digestive Intelligence” a new book, that will be released this Spring by Findhorn Press in the UK, USA , Canada, Australia and South Africa.

The book, originally written in Spanish, is now in its 6th edition in less than two years of being published in Spain, where it became Number 6 in the non-fiction bestsellers list. Finally, English-speaking readers will get the chance to appreciate its contents.

“There are more than one hundred million neurons in our gut with same shape and same functions as the neurons in the brain. 90% of serotonin –the famous hormone responsible for our happiness and wellbeing- is produced by gut neurons and stored in our enteric nervous system – in our Second Brain, in our digestive tract,”

insists Dr Matveikova.

She backs up her claims by referring to scientific data of the new and growing medical discipline of Neurogastroenterology (the medical study of common digestive disorders such as chronic constipation, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux and peptic ulcers), of which she is a leading expert.

“To be healthy and strong enough to front the chronic stress and the daily difficulties placed upon us, it is recommended to take an annual Body Roadworthiness Test”.

You want to know what that is and how to do it?

Well, Dr Matveikova will reveal all, as she presents new concepts of digestive and dietary care and health re-education in an integrative way, in order to prevent many upsets and diseases that our bodies suffer from.

She will teach how to re-connect with our second brain; how to listen to our gut feelings and our intuition; all of which is generated and safeguarded right in the middle of the body.

With diligent digestive care, practical nutrition and the correct understanding of our second brain, we can prevent and reverse the development of irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, obesity, diabetes, aging, arthritis and depression; even cancer and many others problems, she contends.

The digestive system is the body´s headquarters of essential nutrition, immune defense and mood and, therefore, our psycho–emotional and physical balance depends on its health and care.

Digestive Intelligence invites readers to a curious and entertaining journey through this long and complicated system –our inner “tube”– in order to appreciate its perfect and sophisticated design and intelligence. Digestive Intelligence also helps us to discover how, via good and healthy digestion, we can modify and influence our emotions and mood; as well as aspects of our appearance, such as: skin, sight, hair and body weight.

This is a rare opportunity to hear a true expert at work, on an occasion which is sure to change the lives, literally, of all who listen to Dr Irina and follow her advice!

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