Initial Orientational Consultation

Due to the workload and volume of consultations, we inform you that we have a long waiting list to attend to new patients. If you want to join the waiting list and make your appointment, call us at (+34) 911 540 598 or write to us at

Sign up for your Initial Orientational Consultation in 3 steps

Please note that this should not be considered as a full substitute for seeking a doctor visit in person and that this service carries a charge of 100€.


  • Preferential review of your file and medical history by Dr. Matveikova and her team.

  • Direct communication with Dr. Matveikova and her team.

  • A brief summary from the doctor of the information at hand, offering options for follow up studies, advice on personal optimisation of diet, and prescription to potential treatment while waiting for the in-person consultation.

  • Referral to other specialists and treatment options.

  • Estimated time of reply once all files are received is 10 working days.


Register on our website

We ask for this in order to comply with the privacy protection laws.


Fill in the form and complete payment

Please take your time and make sure to include all pertinent information and than complete the payment


Adjust Pertinent Medical Studies

Please make sure to attach all pertinent medical studies through our Patients area/ Drive, that will include at least last two years of all studies conducted.

Please note that once you fill the forms and submitted payment you will have 48 hours to attach all supporting documentation.

Once everything is submitted we will be in touch within 10 working days.

Once registered please follow instructions to proceed with on-line consultation.

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