The months of January and February bring us harsh temperature changes and each year we suffer a torrent of flu epidemics and many other viral infections.

Nasal congestion, sneezes, weakness, fatigue, various muscular pains, headache, blurred vision, irritability at times, stomach pain, digestive problems and so on are some of the multiple symptoms which can disturb our quality of life for a short time or perhaps even longer.

Viruses are like little creatures in the form of a spaceship which carry genetic information inside them. In order to live and multiply they need to use the cells of another organism.

When a virus attacks you it means that thousands of these little spaceships land on your cells. The invaders damage the cellular membranes in which they are going to live and they inject them with their own genetic information. After a short incubation period the virus is active, multiples itself inside the human cell, destroys the cell and the new viruses distribute themselves throughout the whole body attacking other cells and provoking these feelings of unwellness that we know so well.

Anti-flu medications fight the symptoms but they don´t deactivate the viruses themselves.

Your immune system and your microbiome (the collection of good bacteria that live in your body) form a unique and important force to fight against the virus. It is a vital aid in fighting off the infection.

Antibiotics are very efficient medications for attacking bacteria, that is to say, they are antibacterial. They kill bacteria but they are totally useless for confronting the virus.

If we take antibiotics at the beginning of a viral infection we are only going to kill our own good bacteria which are supposed to help us to fight off viruses.

Antibiotics are going to do absolutely nothing in respect of the virus itself.

What can we do to stop the multiplication and aggressiveness of the viruses inside our body?



The majority of these invaders enter the body through the air and deposit themselves in the nasal cavities during the incubation period. I recommend every evening after work or after extensive social contact that you wash your nasal cavities with sea water, or salt and wáter.

The spray Rhinomer is a convenient commercial product which contains extract of eucalyptus.




The pharynx, the glands and all of the mouth should be disinfected with natural remedies such as spray Aromaforce (Pranarom), Thymus Composor (Soria Natural) or Arkovox propolis (Arkopharma). Also you can gargle with warm water with sage or thyme. Another tip is simply to keep a piece of fresh ginger inside the mouth which has an anti inflammatory effect.



You can improve the defenses of the immune system of your mucosae with probiotics such as Reuteri and Lactibiane bucodental.


3BEBER AGUAYour immune system can better fight viruses if you hydrate well during the day drinking up to 1,5 litres daily; you can also make infusions of bitter chamomile, sage, thyme, rosemary, ginger or green tea.

A teaspoon of Echinamed Hot Drink (A. Vogel) is very rich and easy to prepare.


It is recommended to take 2gr of chewable vitamin C per day and also a tube Oscillococcinum (Lab. Boiron).



Also you could drink a concentrated infusion of grated ginger with lemon juice. This is very beneficial and can reduce the length of the infection period.



Lastly, remember to disinfect the air. A sick person can sneeze up to 30 million aggressive viruses and bacteria into the air. I recommend you to ventilate the room well and to spray the air with essential oils using a diffuser or spray such as Aromaforce (Pranarom).


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