Gut feelings

An article published at Bella Magazine. How you feel has a huge impact on your digestive health. So what can you do about it? Think of the last time you had a dicky tummy. You probably put it down to dodgy food or a bug but chances are there was also something emotional going on. Maybe […]

Hearts, Guts & Minds

How our multiple brains make for great leaders By Carlos Davidovich, MD, MBA and Suzanne Hood, Ph.D In our current age of rapid change, strong leadership skills have never been more valuable. Many words come to mind when thinking of an ideal leader: rational, logical, decisive, single-minded. But how true is this ideal image? The latest findings from neuroscience would suggest otherwise. In fact, […]

Our second brain and digestive intelligence

Remarkable as it may sound to you - our digestive system has a very sophisticated design, complexity and intelligence! It acts independently and so specifically in every single person that we professionals, are regularly surprised by its behaviour. The digestive tract has always been overlooked and almost ‘discriminated’ against; treated as some less important part [...]