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Dr. Irina Matveikova will begin a new cycle of presentations and workshops in Toronto this coming October.

On October 21st the 3rd Summit of the SHIFT YOUR THINKING organization will take place at the MISSISSAUGA VALLEY COMMUNITY CENTRE AND LIBRARY

Where Dr. Irina Matveikova will talk about the Gut – Brain connection and how Digestive Health influences Brain Development.



Microbes that manipulate the behaviour of their host (like Toxoplasma gondii or Cordyceps) are not limited to nature´s dark corners, although those examples are vivid. Our body hosts vast number of foreign microorganisms, some of which wield unseen power over us. These microbes are not parasites – they live on and in our body, mostly in our gut and often strike up a symbiotic relationship with us.



Composed mostly of bacteria, but also viruses and fungi, this so-called microbiota churns out a complex cocktail of biologically active compounds. Some of these products (substances) closely resemble human hormones and neurotransmitters, the chemicals that neurons use to communicate with one other. Microbes in the gut have long being known to play a role in human health. Irritable bowel syndrome and stomach ulcers, for example, are linked to an imbalance of microbial population.


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and the Mix of Bacteria Could Prevent or Encourage Cancer

If certain bacteria do instigate cancer, the finding could lead to new screening methods or treatments

The gut microbiome has stolen the show when it comes to the recent explosion of research on the bacteria that thrive within us. But bacteria also live in a woman’s breast tissue—and the mix of those microbes may have an equally important effect on health, according to a new study in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The results “suggest that microbes in the breast, even in low amounts, may be playing a role in breast cancer—increasing the risk in some cases and decreasing the risk in other cases,” says Gregor Reid, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Western University in Ontario and the study’s senior author.

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The first book of Dr Matveikova DIGESTIVE INTELLIGENCE is already translated into 6 differents languages: Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, French and Polish.

Here we present you the front page of the Polish Edition.